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THE OREGONIAN — As you hike along the twists and turns of the snaking trails just outside of Ashland – perhaps while on the White Rabbit Trail, at the junction with the Cheshire Cat Loop – you might begin to detect a theme.
The area is officially called the East Side Forest Lands, but it might as well be called the Alice in Wonderland Trail System, as nearly every trail in the network is named after one of Lewis Carroll's fanciful creations, most from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and its sequel "Through the Looking Glass."
There's the Caterpillar Trail, Red Queen, Jabberwocky, Bandersnatch, Queen of Hearts Loop, and the Alice in Wonderland Trail itself, to name a few. Collectively, they link Siskiyou Mountain Park, Oredson-Todd Woods and the land leading up to Ashland's famed Lithia Park downtown.

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