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The best I-5 pit stops in Oregon

THE OREGONIAN - Whether you’ve driven Interstate 5 countless times, or are just getting to learn the sprawling freeway, it has a lot more to offer than a paved pathway along the West Coast.Local restaurants, interesting attractions and all-importan...

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SEATTLE TIMES — Shortly after hitting town recently, we ate a picnic lunch at a shaded table by Ashland Creek. A few feet away, children played in the water under parents’ watchful eyes as new arrivals skipped across a vintage foot bridge.That ev...

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VARIETY - The small town of Ashland, Ore., lies just over the California border in the forested foothills of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges. It has a population of 20,000, a bustling restaurant scene and great hiking trails. It also has a l...

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9 Cutest Small Towns on the West Coast

JET SETTER - Even if you weren't a Gilmore Girls fan, you know the allure of a quaint village—the friendly local vibe, the shops on Main Street, the cozy inn you dream of owning one day. These 9 towns along the West Coast provide all this and more....

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Cool summer getaways: Ashland, Oregon

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC - If William Shakespeare, Bob Marley and Daniel Boone were planning a vacation together, they’d probably be able to agree on Ashland, Oregon. Home to world-famous rafting and hiking trails (featured in "The River Wild" and "The...

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Ashland's Best B&Bs

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