The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Oregon

Lithia Park
Oregon is one of the most beautiful states, complete with diverse landscape and picturesque towns. Many of the towns, from the west to the east, have distinct character and stunning views, whether it is snow-capped mountains, oceanic scenery, or tree-lined hills. From historic villages to charming coastal escapes, here is a list of some of the most beautiful towns throughout Oregon.


A charming place located in Southern Oregon, Ashland is a friendly town offering guests much to see and explore. Situated where the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountains converge, the lush area is brimming with scenic views, outdoor adventures, historical sites and many art and cultural experiences. Must-do activities include taking a leisurely stroll through the Historic Downtown and Railroad Districts where beautiful buildings filled with unique shops, galleries, and cafés are waiting to be discovered and meandering through the stunning Lithia Park, which features 90 acres of serene beauty. After a day of walking, relax by taking in a theatrical production by the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival — currently in its 80th year.

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