5 small towns in Oregon that are worth a visit



Who doesn't enjoy visiting small towns and taking in the scenic beauty, discovering local shops and businesses and exploring festivals and events? These small towns reflect the best of what Oregon has to offer for a memorable day trip, whether you're visiting the state's rugged coast, the home of a century old "Real West" rodeo, picturesque wine country renowned for its pinot noir, a town famous for its Shakespeare theater company, or a community near stunning waterfalls. 


12 places to see fall color in Oregon



Oregon is known as an evergreen state, full of that iconic Douglas-fir and all its coniferous brethren. Evergreens are so prevalent here, that you should feel free to excuse yourself if seeing the fall colors isn't usually at the top of your autumn to-do list. While most abundant in urban areas, deciduous trees make up about 10 percent of Oregon's 30 million acres of forest, accordingto data from the U.S. Forest Service. That includes huge stands of oak and red alder, significant populations of maple and the coniferous western larch, and stray patches of aspen, ash and cottonwood. If you time a fall vacation for late-September to mid-October, and you know where to go (a few ideas are below), you can witness a spectacular showing of color bursting forth from our otherwise-evergreen forests. You can always settle for the sights of the cities – where fall color is as abundant as pumpkin-flavored lattes – but consider an adventure into Oregon's other autumnal settings: sprawling forests that offer more scenic diversity than you ever knew.

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12 things to do in Ashland: Best places to eat, walk, shop



Shakespeare and company are back for their eight-month run at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. The first four plays - of 11 -  just opened with strong performances of "Much Ado About Nothing," a magical "Pericles," a dashing "Guys and Dolls" and an astonishing new Victorian crime thriller, "Fingersmith."

Visiting Ashland is fun no matter what the season, so I asked readers to recommend their favorite things to do there.


Free Yoga in Lithia Park

Around Ashland, yoga in one form or another is a way of life, so much so that local teacher John Arnold offer a donation-based summer yoga series in Lithia Park.

At a young age, a near-death experience shifted John’s spiritual quest. He found himself at the most solemn and profound crossroads. Thankfully, John’s life since has been filled with the joys of a continually unfolding discovery toward being true to self while giving back to his community. One of the ways he gives back is by teaching yoga classes.  To honor this, all of his classes are donation based.

Starting Thursday, June 19 through Saturday, August 30, you can join John and the “Off The Mat” Community on the front lawn to Lithia Park every Thursday and Saturday at 8AM. Remember to bring your own yoga mat (or towel!). John’s Yoga In The Park classes are each 90 minutes and no two classes are the same. All ages and abilities are welcome to attend and in this special outdoor yoga class simply relaxing in the grass with the group energy is also encouraged.

John Arnold has been teaching yoga classes and practicing yoga off the mat since 1986, and has been influenced by Bikram Choudry, Max Thomas, Babaji Hari Das, Shiva Rea, Martyn Jackson, Chuck Miller, Robert Bly, BKS Iyengar and Paramahansa Yogananda.

For more information, visit YogawithJohnArnold.com.