Recipes Are Like Pearls...

How many times have you found an intriguing potentially delicious recipe?  You ponder its possibilities. You imagine how it will taste; then the inevitable question pops up:  So what do I serve with it?  Absent any suggestions, too many times that recipe is never prepared; it remains on the page, just a possibility.  Any significant culinary experience involves more than one recipe – usually 3 to 4 working in concert.  Thus the title of the Chanticleer Inn cookbook, “Recipes Are Like Pearls…lovely, but not useful until strung together” by Ellen Campbell.

Another feature of this cookbook is a separate index for special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten– or lactose-free.  No more flipping through an entire cookbook, repetitively reading lists of ingredients to find a recipe that might suit a particular allergy or sensitivity. More than a mere compilation of recipes, this book is specifically designed and laid out to assist cooks to prepare a complete breakfast feast as served at the Chanticleer Inn.

This book is for all of Ellen’s guests and friends who wish to replicate a typical Ashland bed and breakfast repast as served at the Chanticleer Inn.

“We who have stayed at the Chanticleer Inn have been awaiting this cookbook with tongues at the ready … Now we have the opportunity to create some of these feasts for our friends and families!”
Leanne Ulvang, Chico CA

“What is the ideal way to start your day, on vacation or not?  Prepare some of the wonderful recipes from Ellen Campbell's cookbook. … And one does not need to be a Master Chef to prepare the items in this book. Try 'em; you'll love 'em.”
Jack and Joan Leversee, Seattle, WA

“Ellen carefully and creatively blends the fruits of her garden and the creations of her kitchen into a beautiful and fragrant palate of morning treats …”
Barry and Irene Grenier, and Mitzi and Bob Konevich, Los Altos, CA

“Sweet, savory or simple, all dishes are well prepared, very often original in concept and always have excellent taste.  Ellen Campbell definitely knows how to cook.”
Leonard and Beth Soloway, Lafayette, CA

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