A funky arts town in Oregon



With their quaint downtowns, undeniably charming shops and distinct personalities, small towns have long held a special place in the American heart. That homey feel can also appeal to city travelers longing for a slice of small town Americana.

The best of the best are included in Fodor's Travel second-annual list of "America's Best Small Towns," released Thursday. From a funky arts town in Oregon to a popular South Carolina throwback, there is nothing small about the affordable attractions these cities offer.

Wacky and wonderful, Ashland is an arts lover's dream. It's home to the Oregon Cabaret Theatre, Ashland New Plays Festival and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the largest regional repertory theater in the United States. Visitors can also enjoy dinner at one of the Northwest's signature seafood spots and a trip to Lithia Park. The latter is on the National Register of Historic Places and stretches over 90 acres.

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