A must-eat mecca for foodies from far and wide


One of the best aspects to life in Ashland, the gateway to the fertile Rogue Valley farming region, is the food. Ashland is a culinary Shangri-La with a Saturday growers market in the heart of town complete with its own wooden currency for locals. The variety of quality of farm fresh local, organic anything-you-can-think-of-and-then-some, has made Ashland a must-eat mecca for foodies in search of an authentic farm-to-table experience.

At the Ashland Saturday market, you will cross paths with everyone from SOU students the local innkeepers, the latter planning their weekly specials as they pick through fresh produce right next to you. You may actually find yourself asking yourself if you’re dreaming, or if all of this is real as you taste free samples of local meats and cheeses fit for the gods.

Started in 1987 by a handful of farmers and artisans in Medford on Bartlett and Main Streets, the market expanded in 1991 to under the Water Street bridge between Ashland Plaza and where the Ashland Creek Inn is today. The Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market was an early participant in the renaissance of farmers’ markets in America. With the enthusiastic support of the local community the market has grown to over 150 vendors at four markets per week offering the finest in locally grown produce, plants and flowers, along with specialty foods, cheese, meat, baked goods, wine, ice cream, and hand-made arts and crafts.

For more information visit RVGrowersMarket.com.