Ashland Independent Film Festival received record submissions


Ashland Independent Film Festival
Photo by Al Case courtesy of Ashland Independent Film Festival

A record-setting 1,233 films were submitted to the Ashland Independent Film Festival for the upcoming 15th festival, which runs April 7-11, 2016. This represents an increase of 170 films over the previous festival year – a 16% increase over the previous festival year.

“The Ashland Independent Film Festival is no longer a hidden gem,” said Richard Herskowitz, the festival’s director of programming. “Filmmakers want their work screened here because they know that the festival attracts enthusiastic, intelligent audiences who love film, and who embrace filmmaking with an independent vision. The festival’s reputation for discovering and selecting great films has made it a springboard to wider distribution and acclaim.”

Herskowitz noted that the selection of films has increased at a strong pace over the years. The festival has nearly doubled the number of entries received in the past five years - 716 films were submitted by the entry deadline for the 2012 festival year.